A creative boon,

Ivailo Popov

Graphic designer specialized in Packaging design, Branding and Corporate identity. With an inclination to Typography, Vector illustrations and Photography. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria and working with people from all over the globe.

My Story

Spent my last years in the FMCG area, with a major brand design care, about global and local clients. Still in eager for a new knowledge from all around

My recent background includes mainly packaging design for FMCG and building brand guidelines. I have worked on nationwide and international brands, with a big scope. Although my experience is more concentrated in CMYK and Pantone, I’m still familiar with # and RGB. I would say I’m meticulous in my work, with a good archive and organization. Always curious about How and Why, thereby I like to learn new things.

Graphic Design85%
Digital (UI, Web, etc.)45%
Packaging & Brand Design90%
Corporate identity85%
DTP & Production Processes80%

I have been working for